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How long before car goes back

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Hi everybody finding out info for a friend please, he was on Dla for life until pip reduced his mobility so doesn't qualifi for motability any more, if Mr is not successful when will he need to return his car ? Can he keep the car till after appeal? And will motability give him the option of buying?  Thankyou .


  • Yadnad
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    Honestly I have no idea - I sent mine back on the same day that I received the decision to not award PIP.
    Ring Motability for more information.

  • pee14
    pee14 Member Posts: 152 Courageous
  • Peasmold_01
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    This topic has been up today  If you lose MR, Motability will give you at least 2 months to return the car. Options : If he returns the car within 2 months he should get £2000  to assist him in the immediate future. If he keeps the car for 6 months  he should get £500. Motability will also give him 2 choices with regards to buying the car  One he buys it straight away  in which case they will take the £2000 off the price they want  or he keeps the car for a few months  and buys it then, but with no discount. Motability cars are good value, however, if your friend loses his MR but goes for appeal and wins he will have a car, but all the maintenance, insurance etc, are his responsibility. It is called a conundrum. Which way to turn. Good luck 
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    @Peasmold_01 yes sorry I did the discussion twice because I didn't think this one had been posted .


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