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Help with 15 year old school/social problems

Now school is due to.start my daughter is extremely distressed she has no friends and that makes the dislike for school stronger. Any tips and making friends or getting her to school


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    Hi. We have two boys, and moved Boroughs and schools when they were 4.5 and 9 years. Infants and year 6. 

    We need not of worried, they got on with it all fine, and come secondary schools, they have new term year clubs, different courses, and sure once your daughter gets in the first day, hopefully it will feel better. 

    It's the unknown isn't it. Maybe the school can link her up with a buddy, or someone in her class that can show her about? 

    I follow a great lady on Facebook called Cai Graham - The Teen Toolbox, she does live chats and and groups to talk about parenting and  anything teenage related. She's funny, approachable and easy to listen to. I found her just before Christmas last year and followed a live chat thing daily on the stresses of family in the run up to Christmas, Cai is  great. If you do FB says hi and Pip sent you. XX

    ? Hope your daughter's first day back is easier than expected, maybe mention your daughter's fears to form tutor or her new head of year. Maybe she could have a quick look around again before term starts to put her mind at rest. XX P x
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