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PIP assessment experience

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My wife has just been subjected to a medical assessment that that could only be described as a system that is full of dangers, It is a system that is open to abuse, I would advise anyone that has to attend one of these assessment to request that it be recorded. My wife chose not to as she would request a copy of the report, so she felt that she could trust the procedure. Big mistake, She went through with it and the assessor was younger that our granddaughter, she certainly hadn't spent enough time within the medical world to to be able to do the job. It  was Friday and the appointment was at 14.45, on getting there we were told that as they were running an hour and a half late we could go home and await another appointment but we said no, and waited, we went in at 16.15 and straight away we could sense that this very young girl was in a bad mood. I think that it has just dawned on her that she would not be going out with her friends this Friday evening because when the assessment was done she would still have to take the time to write the report.
When we eventually got the copy of the report, after waiting nearly 6 months and it was a pack of lies. now we are having to challenge its contents at a tribunal because even though my wife has several problems including Fybromyalgia they say that she is fit for work.

once again, another system that is failing the persons that need the support it was set up to supply. even the appeal process is set against anyone going for it. Applicants are given one month to get the application in. this is not enough time to put a decent case together and the D.W.P know it. The D.W.P don't want people challenging their decisions and that is why its only one month, For example, If it was a employment tribunal the time allowed for preparation is 3 months. ENOUGH SAID. This is something that needs to be questioned and eventually changed so if anyone out there has the skills to challenge this then lets as a team have a go,    


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    Hello @jacknaja   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Sorry what has happened and I am sure many of the community will find what you have been through be supportive.

    I am one. I am afraid what you have been saying. Is one of the problems all of us going through this ordeal.

    I agree with you .   Understand every thing.  I know you are not alone and come to the right place for support and I hope reassurance.

    All I can add we are a supportive friendly community. Who care and share.

    Lots of advice , information and new friends.

    If you care to have a look around the forum. Stories like your wife's are prevalent all over the forum. 

    Plus lots of associated stories and posts..

    We as a community know what goes on and all I can say if you wish to complain to your MP. They are very much interested in knowing.  You could complain to ATOS or Capita .

    All the community is with you.   I know we are here to support help and advise. With kindness and I hope sensitivity.

    Please take care.

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    Hi @jacknaja and welcome to the community! Thank you very much for sharing this with us all today. Unfortunately I believe many members of the community will be able to relate to this.

  • Marylou50
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    I have since 2014 had many assements three cancelled when I was waiting to go in ,we were told I need to see a qualified doctor ,eventually got the assessment made me walk a long corridor so I took my time as I found it hard to do she tried to hurry me but I couldn't go at her speed an when I got there she offered me a low chair which I said breathless that I couldn't sit in it ,so she went an got a higher arm chair,she tried to brush off my disabilities an quickly run through the questionnaire,again I just broke down in tears,an my son stepped in,I got ESA still having check ups every 6months by them I feel hassled by them now being asked to review my disabilities for PIP here we go again 
  • krh
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    They do a medical assessment for everyone applying for PIP don't they? I sent my form in ahead of time ( last week i think it wss or even week before) the deadline is 24th and I've received 3 reminders, 2 of which were sent at least a week and half after I'd sent the form in. Not looking forward to assessment as I don't look too bad but have ME and it's first time going through the process. 
  • zuchon1975
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    I’m sorry you’ve been through a bad experience , but I find your comments about the assessors age really offensive. You don’t know the woman’s level of qualification or her experience as a health care professional . As a disabled person I think discrimination of any sort is offensive and your comments are definitely ageist. You have stereotyped that because she’s young she wants to get out of work early to party, a massive assumption.
    Yes she may have made a bad job of the assessment but her age should not come in to the argument.
    I hope your wife’s tribunal goes well and you get a positive outcome.
  • Spock
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    It is a very sad fact that these so called professional examiners who carry out these  half backed medical examinations for the DWP get away with lying so frequently that it has become the norm. I've had two medicals for pip and the reports came back with so many lies and omissions I thought I'd been mixed up with a completely different person. To add insult to injury the welfare rights officer I consulted to help make sense of it all advised me in the strongest terms not to mention this if I went to appeal. She told me that the panel would only see it as sour grapes on my part. Why? Why? Why? has bare faced lying become acceptable, is it because disabled people are vulnerable and an easy target, less likely to make a fuss when walked all over, or like me having neither the physical or mental strength to take them to task. Why is it acceptable for society to tolerate lying just to deny the most vulnerable in society a few pounds.

    We're all expected to tell the truth in all our dealings with the DWP and can get in serious legal difficulties for lying. Why are Atos allowed to get away with this and what kind of an example does it set. How can we win when the game is rigged against us at all levels.
    Maybe these examiners should be made to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 
  • feir
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    The assessor i had today was nice but i noticed the questions are geared to ignore what actually makes me disabled in favour of their own specific idea of what entails being disabled. This needs to change.
  • minnie1960
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    I got a report back from them and I thought they had mixed me up with someone else,it certainly wasn't  me they were talking about,my examiner was an x paramedic so does he know about fibromyalgia and what it entails ?
  • minnie1960
    minnie1960 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    I got a report back from them and I thought they had mixed me up with someone else,it certainly wasn't  me they were talking about,my examiner was an x paramedic so does he know about fibromyalgia and what it entails ?
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Spock   Pleased to meet you . Thank you for your post.

    You have echoed what we all have been saying.  Like your comments.

    Problem is how do you persuade and tell a Government to change all these assessments. No one is listening. 

    No matter how many cross party committees there are and arguing for change. Proposals I believe are out there.

    Read quite a lot on this. Because of my own personal circumstances.

    Since being part of the benefit system in the early eighties first. Then from early nineties on and off my assessments. Understand these peeve me constantly.

    On a conveyor belt . One school of medics, who ever says I am fit. Eighteen months later unfit.  In the time being fit subjected to trauma, mental health issues signing on. All that come with it.

    Round again from unfit to fit and so on. Continuous for last twenty years.  Plus and I had a very intelligent smart support worker realising what is going on and said so in the assessments.

    My view is this have said this before but will not happen.

    All assessments. In a disabled accessible place with support on the day. Either advocate or support worker present.

    All assessments recorded and taped copy kept for claimant and assessor.

    All evidence given and scrutinised. No evidence is given we have to supply it. DWP has the power to get the evidence and ask for Doctors but do not.  Add to that no note taking or assessment before you have sat down.

    Last one started on my assessment before even got into the room. Put that in the report. Walked from the reception to the room. Swung his coat over a chair.  Unbelievable.

    All assessment when typed up. Verified and any mistakes corrected.  As they do in legal profession.

    Copy given to assessor on the day and copy to claimant.

    The main reason they lie is because they work for a company to get results.  Money is the incentive. Have a look at all the disability web pages.

    Disability news is a good one and also Benefits and Works.

    I want change I want all this sorted out but unfortunately till we have the power we are helpless.. Only way is the ballot box.

    Every time I have an assessment I have to bite my tongue because I have anxiety of what I really want to say.

    Last one the audacity of the assessor. Asked what do I do all day.

    You got to believe this mentioned do this forum. The SCOPE one she uttered. I know all about that she said.

    What more can I add. Wanted to say deal with misery, heartbreak, people on verge of melt down and suicide all over your companies lies.

    Try to cope and support community members much as I can.

    Need to say my friend just about stopped me.

    Last one before that my support worker had to calm me down . Because of the way they question you.

    Hope and pray that some one out there is supporting us.  Besides SCOPE and other charities.  Concerned with what is happening.  I did hear about MP's who are now aware of what is going on.

    Calling for changes.  Only change is to get rid of this Government.

    Thanks very much for reading my post.

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