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Universal Credit disability

Hi.. I'm a single parent to my son who's Autistic and hasn't left the house for last two years due to anxieties and depression also.  I claim UC and that was made up with a child element enhanced disability payment.  Last week my UC payment was reduced by £600 without warning. They tell me that as my son has turned 16 and isn't still in education that he's not considered a child and we have to make a claim for UC for him now.  None of the advisors seem really sure and I wanted to know if this is correct and what other benefit we may be able to claim as the £600 deduction to our finances has made a huge impact on us and we're really struggling.  He has recently been awarded PIP. Any advice gratefully received Julie x


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    Hi @JulieEthan33 and a very warm welcome to the community! With your son not being in education (and now being 16) he may be eligible for UC, more information on this can be found here. Also, it may be worth using the benefit calculator which can be found here. I have my fingers crossed for you, if you need anything else then please do not hesitate to be in touch!