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Hi, I'm user darcey777

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I'd like to seek a bit of guidance and other people's thoughts about a matter involving my 1 year old child been hit by a vehicle on a public footpath which sadly ended her life and nobody from the police or social have treated me fairly and I don't know what to do the accident happened while I was at work and my child was in the care of her mother and aunty and she some how ended up in a situation where she was able to get out of the front door down a 25ft out of a open gate and under a van driven by my deceased child aunties boyfriend so her uncle basically was the one driving the van it's ruined my life as so many things are not right about what was said at the inquest I'm seperated from my new born and pregnant girl friend because of the way I think social and the seriousness of this matter by authority and social nobody has ever sat down and told me wot happened even the people who was ment to be looking after my child that couldn't walk and talk its crazy to think it's ok for babys to be put on the floor and then crawl out side out the garden and killed on a public path that cars shouldn't be driving on anyway 


  • darcey777
    darcey777 Member Posts: 3 Listener
  • darcey777
    darcey777 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Sorry abit about my life is on the profile I made just click darcey777 u be able to read my worrys 

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    Hello @darcy7777   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing. I am very shocked and appalled what has happened to your child.

    As a community member I do not know how to advise. All I can offer is my prayers and support. Give words of reassurance and comfort.

    Understand there will be members who will be able to relate to your story. Offer some advice and help.

    There must be some one who can advise or give the support you need.  In authority. May I ask are you in contact with CAB. Must be some one in legal matters can assist.

    My first thoughts are with you as well. Are you receiving any support yourself.? May I ask.

    We are a supportive friendly community. Share and care.

    Please ask if we as community can help with anything..

    Please take care


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    @darcey777 I am so sorry for your loss. Honestly I don't know how to help you, I'm really sorry. We, as a community, will help you get justice for your daughter. Welcome to the community, I really hope and pray you get the closure you need. If ever at anytime you would like to talk more then please chat to us and we will be there x
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