Dating and relationships
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Fibro Is the devil

ricky1040ricky1040 Member Posts: 99 Pioneering
Hey all. 
Wanna ask anyone out there dealing with disability. my case is im partially sight and have fibromyalgia. Do you struggle to meet people? 

Im 33 and have had my dosabilities for 4 years now. i try to make the best of life as is now but one thing i struggle with is relationships. dont get me wrong im confident to approach people and im lucky in that i do get asked on dates etc. the problem is i cant commit to anything. i take ill on dates or before them and let people down. its gotten that iv pretty much stopped dating as its too hard to keep to commitments. Im also gay which limits the market somewhat. 

People say youll meet someone that understand etc but i dunno. I am happy in my own skin but i do miss having someone. my ex did a runner when i got sick. meh! So do you lovely people have these problems. do u feel not worthy or able to date? Am sure loads are. and if youve overcome this how did you go about it.  appreciate your time reading this. 

much love 



  • mumjacmumjac Member Posts: 19 Connected
    I know its a lonely life on your own and being so young as well coping with your pain and illness , im on my own too but im a lot older than you , and coping every day is hard , I'm glad of my mobility scooter to get about , im sure u will find s lovely friend one day and u can find happiness 
  • ricky1040ricky1040 Member Posts: 99 Pioneering
    thanks so much and yea i know i will too. hope ur well
  • mumjacmumjac Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Chin up , I'm ok pains but have to keep going im going to italy next month so something to look forward to it keeps me going just hope i can get about going on coach so should be ok 
  • ricky1040ricky1040 Member Posts: 99 Pioneering
    where are you foing in italy. im been to venice it was awesome to see. wouldnt go more than couple days tho. id like to see more of italy. 

    i have days im down about it but im feeling good today. 
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