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am I entitled to the IR ESA top up?

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Hi I am new here and hoping that someone can answer my ramblings that are bound to about to happen... sorry I don’t sleep a lot so can be a little ? at times. But I have some questions about ESA, PIP topups and premiums etc.  Ok here goes...

in february i had to give up my job due to a mental breakdown triggered by a number of different things but the main thing being my 13 year old son (I have 3 boys 13, 14 & 15) but I won’t go in to that on here as that is for a totally different forum! Long story short have fought for Ed psych support at school, finally got it last week ?. School have blantently lied and tried to cover tracks but anyway I’m rambling! ( sorry did warn you it happens ?). 

In June I applied for ESA as I could no longer live on just tax credits. Have just had my assessment yesterday so will find out in 6-8 weeks I’m told of which group if any I will be put in. 

In July I applied for PIP and last week had the news that I am awarded standard daily living and enhanced mobility due to the nature of my depression and panic disorder. 

I have now received a form for severe disability premium which the local government member will help me with when he visits me tomorrow. 

Sorry so I suppose my question is am I entitled to the IR ESA top up?  Sorry should have mentioned my ESA is cont based as I have always worked until this year and what other impact will the PIP award have on anything that may help me.

i have struggled as a single parent for many years but none have been as tough as the last 12 months and now financial difficulties are affecting my already delicate mental health. I just need to know that it is possible that me and my boys will be ok I need to focus fully on supporting my sons and getting well soon can do that but wow sorry rambling ?

i know how I am very lucky to have Pip awarded as I have seen so many horror stories online. I suppose on this occasion I was one of the few lucky ones who didn’t have to fight for it ??

Chin up those who are waiting it is possible to get a good news story when applying for PIP ?



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