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Multi Ligament Reconstruction

jgreives Member Posts: 3 Listener
I have just spent 11 days in hospital after a multi ligament and patella tendon and donor reconstruction and cannot weight bare for over 6weeks my leg will never be right and I need my wheel chair more now than I’ve ever done , how does one cope with the pain .


  • DoriFish
    DoriFish Member Posts: 45 Courageous
    Hi @jgreives
    You've been through quite an ordeal, I bet your exsorsted!  Bless you
    Everyone copes in different ways
    I was crushed from ribs to hips & 3 broken vertebrae
    I can't take most pain medication & have had to learn a different way to deal with it
    I learned to relax in to the pain & put it on a different level
    You still feel it but it enables me to cope
    Will say it's harder if I'm tired
    I also use a tens machine a lot it's my life saver
    It's taken a long while & a lot of practice to get to this level
    Go to your pain clinic, try what ever they can give you till something makes it a bit more comfortable
    Keep us posted on how your doing
    And good luck x
  • Sam_Alumni
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    How are you getting on? You need to listen to your body and rest up after surgery.  There is lots of information here about how the NHS can help you with pain.

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