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I'd like to help disabled people and would love your opinions

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Well ok not really its J.

I have come here as I have thoughts and wanted input kind of like the robot from short circuit if anyone remembers that movie classic.

SO i am not disabled aside from my having a bit of an iffy eye.
I live in the UK and my mom lives in abroad on her own mostly but is getting on in age so has difficulty doing some tasks that us able bodied persons never really think about like changing lightbulbs, moving heavy stuff or just getting around or getting groceries.

This was and still is an issue as she is there and I am here and it made me think at the time that there will be loads of pensioners/elderly people in the UK with the same issues.

At the time I was thinking (not entirely selflessly i admit) of ways I could help while generating pocket money for myself outside my normal work which would also help them as frankly its not like most pensioners have loads of money sloshing around and if they have no family how do they deal with getting a lightbulb changed for example.

My thought was that it would be very handy for me if I had someone in SA like that for my mom as paying for an electrician or "handyman" to come out was/is proving very costly/excessive albeit cheaper than me flying to SA to do it for her.

That led me to think whether i could/should to offer to assist pensioners and single parents on low incomes in my local area to minimise travel and therefore my costs and theirs etc somehow (wasnt too sure how to go about it) and in exchange I would simply charge a nominal sum to cover my expenses and time.

I forgot about if for a while but I recently came across a youtube vlogger with numerous health issues including a colostomy bag I think its Hannah Watson?? who is frankly awesome and inspiring as are so many of the people she has featured on her vlogs and she made me aware that of course its not just pensioners and single income parents who may need help (dumb i know).

The issue is I dont really know how people are dealing with their and their families disabilities and what costs etc they are incurring in doing so and as such I dont know if I am thinking on the right path or not.

Anyway I appreciate I may get utterly slated on here but would appreciate input on how people deal with getting help with things and whether my train of thought could or should be put into action somehow.

Thank you in advance for any input. (Good or bad)



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    Hi @Frankenstein, and a warm welcome to the community!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. You've certainly come to the right place- I'm sure many of our members will be happy to share their thoughts with you. I'm a big fan of Hannah Witton's videos too! 

    Hopefully our community members will be in touch, but if we can be of any assistance in the meantime, do let us know.