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Baby adaptations

minniemouse Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi I am 21 weeks pregnant and a wheelchair user, I really need some help with adaptations around my house and for my power chair like prams, baths changing areas cost etc. This is my first time being disabled and I don't know where to start from so as you can imagine I'm freaking out. I don't seem to be getting any help from my midwife etc so please please please help me 😥😢😢😞


  • EmmaB
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    Hi @minniemouse
    First try not to panic!  
    I guess the first thing to do is to write a list of the things you think you need but also bear in mind that you don't HAVE to have everything that non disabled people have - what I mean by that is that there are many different ways of being a great parent some equipment simply doesn't suit disabled parents!
    I'm short statured and a mobility scooter user, the key things I needed was a cot where the side dropped down so I didn't have to reach in to reach my baby, that cot also doubled up as a changing station as I would just put the changing mat in it when needed.
    One thing I never got to grips with was bathing my babies [I had 2, they are 12 and 14 now!].  We did have a bath support but I left bathing to my husband in the main as I found the lifting them in and out too difficult really.  
    I guess the key thing is how you will transport them around the house [I used a very lightweight, small pushchair] and how you will get them out and about.  Maybe you'll cope with a baby carrier strapped to you?
    If you have a car would you find it easier to have the car seat permanently in the car as I did?  [As carrying one to and from the car even empty would have been tricky for me!]
    Luckily for me my husband is a creative engineer type and he fixed a car seat to the back of my scooter, i.e. there are ways round such dilemmas!
    Sorry I can't offer you many specific wheelchair user adaptations but while you wait for some more specific answers I wanted to give you hope - there are plenty of disabled parents out there, I suspect they've all had to be creative without much help from midwives/health visitors etc...
    I wonder if there is a Facebook group for wheelchair using parents?
    Enjoy getting creative and enjoy your baby when they come along.
    Best wishes.


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @minniemouse, and welcome! Huge congratulations from me too!

    You've had some brilliant advice above from @EmmaB

    You may also be interested in this guest blog, Buying For Baby by @TheWheelsOnMum, and preparing for childbirth by @Elizabeth Siân Gwilliam. I'm also tagging in @WhenTaniaTalks in case she has any tips to share.

    The important thing is that you're not alone, so do keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. Feel free to ask any questions, and our members will do our best to advise and point in the right direction!
  • minniemouse
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    Thank you both for your replies xx
  • mossycow
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    Hiya! Oooh congrats on your baby coming soon! 

    Lots of Facebook groups might be good places to have a look too xx