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PIP Review

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Morning everyone. I have my PIP 1st Review meeting today and lm stressed to bits. I lost my ESA as assessor deemed me fit for work. I’ve been waiting on appeal since 1Jan and stress is sending my no bp high to point my gp needs to change my meds. To add to that stress l now have  PIP review. My condition of osteoarthritis has progressed over the last 2 years and more often than not l can’t walk without my knees giving excessive pain. My last review was decided in my favour without me having to attend an assessment. I understand only to well telnet need to review from time to time but increased stress is making me ill. I’m worried now that DWP will stop my PIP like they stopped my ESA. Has anyone else had this. TIA


  • Antonia_Alumni
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    Hi @jw0957

    Welcome to the community and sharing this with us. I am sorry to hear the PIP review was stressful.

    How are you doing this afternoon?

    I am hoping your PIP will not be stopped, please try not worry. Some of our members may be able to support you with this soon..
  • jw0957
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    Antonia_Scope thanks for reply. It was stressful and emotional but l have to put it behind me so l can cope until PIP is either awarded again or stopped. They say 6 to 8 weeks....... God it’s such a long time to be worrying with my bp being so high but that’s a normal time frame. 
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    So sorry to hear you're feeling worried, @jw0957. The waiting time can be really tough, but the most important thing of all is that you're taking care of yourself. Do you have people around you who can support you?
  • jw0957
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    yes thank you, my daughter is my saving grace, my sisters and brothers are also making sure lm ok. It’s lovely having a big family of siblings and l feel blessed ?
  • jw0957
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    Good Morning all

    Just wanted to update you about my PIP assessment. it is with a huge relief and emotion that my PIP has been extended until 2023 and a mobility component was awarded too.  Relief that someone finally agreed that my condition isn't getting better but, I'm managing it with the help of my daughter.  Now I can move forward to my ESA appeal and hope that the negative decision can be reversed and ESA re-instated. I need to put all this stress behind me.  I really appreciate your advice and the fact you are all here to support us. 
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    Ahh good news! Congrats! Thanks for posting that @jw0957 I'm currently going through a review and have been quite worried due to the number of horror stories you see on the net, it's always nice to read a post like yours.

    I hope your ESA tribunal goes well :) please keep us updated.
  • jw0957
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    thank you so much for your reply. It’s always nice to hear good news as you say. 


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