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    cockney rebel,
    I am probably missing something here but I am at a loss as to the importance you place on a copy of the SSCS1.

    Did you include further evidence not previously supplied ?

    YES. exactly it got filled in by someone that asked us questions and they filled it in and it was different to other forms that had been sent in to dwp. 
    exactly my point the sscs1 form we  had filled in and sent to dwp had new vital information which was not in her bundle. which her MP said the CLERK wrote it should have been. Might point exactly.
     How many other persons have had the sscs1 form filled in by professionals and was different to their original Questions-points. 
    Thousands, which means that the DWP have new information received yet left out of Thousands of bundles. we goes back to statement on form that says no need to --- bla bla bla because the DWP will send all they have received from you in a bundle. which is a pack of lies. And everyone knows it. You all Know that when this sscs1 form gets filled in by professional help they give different points and reasons than before, which means its new evidence and a part of your defence which is being left out of your bundle, also not being accounted for your defence prior to court appearance.   
    Thousands upon thousands of SSCS1 forms with new information and points scored by professional helpers are being discounted as evidence prior to court appearance. WHY, also why is this new evidence not added to their bundle? as the COURT says it should?
    Only scope to answer above thank you,


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