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I've moved

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Advice please I moved house recently  but cannot find anything suitable  as I cannot drive due to disability I  had to resign from my last job as my employer wasn't willing to fund the extra cost with the help with access to work support to enable me to use a taxi to get me to my job there and back  Access to work more or less told me to find a job nearer home as yet I've not been able tofind work as the jobs I'm interested in say you need your own transport


  • Antonia_Alumni
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    Hi @Starlady how are you doing today? Sorry to hear this,  you may be interested in a blog post about accessible work and our employment services. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • April2018mom
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    What skills do you have that are useful for the workplace? What sort of activities do you want to do? What type of work appeals to you the most? 
    Perhaps something in a office? 
  • Starlady
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    I've worked with computers alot I am qualified up to ECDL standard my last job was as a receptionist within the NHS mental health sector have also worked for my former council in Leisure and social services again doing admin and within the libraries sector as an administration assistant but because of my disability have never worked in open employment have always been in supported employment I was under the Shaw trust rang them for help but it seems they have washed their hands of me as they had no record of me yet the last time I saw my advisor I would have support from them for life.