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Ehcp Training after Education

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Hello I am a Shared lives Carer (similar to foster care but for adults with a care need) for a young lady who is 19. She has a mild learning disability and an ehcp.  She moved in with me from foster Care last summer.
She has managed to get her level 1 English but not Maths, she is struggling to get level 2 (gcse) English having failed 3 times and she is expected to fail this time but still made her do the flipin exam.  Her written skills are very basic.
along side this she has just completed her first year of level 3 acting (equivalent to a level) and she is expected to pass, possibly with a merit. It’s nearly all practice but I feel like it all smoke and mirrors because she doesn’t understand the two plays she’s performed this year and has even said at parents evening that she hasn’t a clue she just says her lines and goes where is told to go. 
It feels like a total lie, she really isn’t a level standard, her written work is copied from the internet and then she tries her best to make it into her own words.  She has talked about wanting to do an HND and the tutors have said she can probably do one but only at that college with them. That told me quite a lot really.  It is all smoke and mirrors.

I went to her EHCP review in March and I was told that because she is on level 3 the plan will finish at the end of this course when she is 20 and she won’t get anything else.  However she is now thinking she might like to do an apprenticeship in equine care.  I would love her to do this, she has the skills and ability to succeed at this and she would have a trade at the end of it. I think she could work I a stables quite successfully. I don’t think she will ever be able to cope in the world of acting or entertainment as she is seriously vulnerable!

My friend says that with the EHCP she is entitled to training too in the form of apprenticeship but I’ve been told that the ehcp will close next year.   We are in Northamptonshire which is known for its meanness on ehcp because it’s effectively bankrupt.

Please can anyone tell me if she is entitled to training too or if it should close at the end of level 3 education?

sorry for the essay!


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