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Off sick depression

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Hi, I have suffered from depression since my twenties, I am now 56, I have held down a receptionist job at social services, but had periods of mental health sickness. I worked in a doctor's surgery as a receptionist, had periods of mental health sickness, then eventually in 2014 after 10 years of working there, I ended up taking them to court, due to so much stress.
This was really hard, as I didn't have a solicitor, I won, but my husband and I sold our house, as couldn't afford to live there.
Since then we have moved into rented property 3 times, and our money has depleted.

I now work at Tesco 7.5 hours a week, I also do overtime as need the money.
I have worked there for 2 years, and this is the first time I have had a number of weeks off due to depression, I have been off about 5 weeks, I don't think I will get any more sick pay shortly, pretty much at wits end.

Do I claim ESA? The form is so complicated!! PIP? Which is a nightmare, I feel I can't hold down a job at all now, but I'm not ready to go back to work, but feel I might have to, just for the money!
I know I'd end up crying and walking out.
What should I do??? Help please x


  • LaughingLolly
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    Have you spoken to your doctor about your feelings?
    A laugh a day keeps the psychiatrist at bay. 
  • jaynegemini63
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    Oh yes, he knows all about it. I've had different anti depressants over the years, now on venlafaxine, 250mg.

  • April2018mom
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    Are you seeing a therapist? 
    Definitely apply for ESA on MH grounds. Describe your impairment plus what happens during a typical day. CAB have a useful ESA guide for claimants that is worth reading
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    Hi @jaynegemini63, I understand this must be a very daunting time. You are able to claim PIP and work full-time as this assesses daily living and mobility. 

    Here is some information that may help:
    Please do keep us updated and let us know if we can help with anything else :)

  • jaynegemini63
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    Thanks Chloe, I sent a letter to my line manager at work, suggesting a meeting about reasonable adjustments for me, that was changing my hours. How long has she to respond? Do you know? X
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    Hi @jaynegemini63, that was a great idea. Unfortunately I'm not too sure about that one. I'd probably chase it up after a week. I hope they can sort something :)

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    Hello @jaynegemini63   Pleased to meet you .

    Sorry to hear you not well. I do understand as do the community.

    Please may I advise first seeking some help and guidance with your mental health.

    You have been given some good links from members of our community and staff.

    I have mental health issues my self and know if I am suffering or need some help and guidance..

    Please may I suggest this charity.  I used them before.

    Can get help with your mental health some guidance, advice.  Looking your employment situation and any thing like benefits.

    Help you to look at your well being and everything around that.

    Floating support or an outreach worker.

    They might not be in all areas.

    Even so I would look at accessing some mental health support as it is always useful and gives you a lot of information.

    To use coping strategies and methods.  This is something I use a lot. 

    Every one is entitled to good mental health.

    Hope that helps.

    Please also consider talking to your GP for referral. Or you can self refer.

    Please can I add what is important is finding the answers to solutions around your mental health.

    Also asking the help to cope and deal with every day is never easy .

    Medication is always an answer but in combination with that and the support you will hopefully you can slowly move on.

    I would also contact CAB to help with forms and any thing additional information.

    You are a member of our community. We are here to help and be supportive.

    If you have any questions or need to know anything please get in touch. Happy to help any time.

    Please take care.


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  • jaynegemini63
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    I know I need to ring ESA, it's just daunting, I also feel like I'm maybe wasting my time, always reports of people not getting anything. 
    But thank you for replies, very much appreciated. 
    I will look at Richmond fellowship also. X
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @jaynegemini63   Thanks for reply.  Please if I can advise if you need benefits to live on . Apply.  Also there are lots of negative stories around benefits.

    Please may I add there are lots of positive ones as well.   We do hear many of those but they do happen.

    I have been applying for benefits and a long time.  Have had many positive ones. Tend to focus on them.

    One idea I do constantly is write down every thing I need to say.

    Whether this a phone call.  Or writing questions and asking for help .

    Have some times easier to give the Doctor need help with this. Write it down he or she can read what you said.

    Do this with a support worker all of my support lot easier.  

     Write down in note form the essential information  you need.

    Including your address and any thing like NI number.  Contact details mobile etc.  I have anxiety so always forget those.

    Then make a script what you going to say.

    So for example good morning or afternoon does help.  My name is etc and etc.  Please can I have an ESA form need to apply and so on.

    Also have a glass of water to help you be calm. Ice cold usually helps take your time.

    All Call handlers are trained to deal with our community.

    Do this for everything from booking taxis to contacting any one I need.

    Learnt this from mental health charities the many I have been involved with. Because they teach and educate you to deal with anything.

    Especially your mental health and have often support meetings. Once a month to talk about sleep, medication.

    Looking at alternatives, wellbeing diet, nutrition and much more.

    Coping methods and strategies. One session included The Mental Health Act what we as service users need to know.

    Most charities have employment advisors. Can offer guidance and advice.  Signposting to any thing you need.  Relevant organisations and associations.

    This is all useful. Gives you confidence and lots of reassurance.

    This information and advice use to help others in my many posts. Around the forum.

    In my role as a community champion.

    I have to add have used Council Mental health services not good and instead used charities. 

    Please take care and if there is anything we as a community can help with please ask.

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  • jaynegemini63
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    Thank you again @thespiceman, I'm going to ring ESA today, that's a start, will post back how I get on.