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Money stopped

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im a care for my sister full time needs 24/7 care I asked for the dated to return the form to be put back I was told it has to be in by 28/7/19 but send it off on the 22/7/19 so I took copies are the form proof letters of her illness and got proof I had posted it.
i though everything was fine until I got a letter on Friday saying she cannot get pip and her dla will stop this week and carer allowings .

i phoned them and I was told it’s because they didn’t get the form or proof after I said I phoned and got a date to send it off and I done everything I was asked to do , I said you’re department told me when to post it and I have proof of this .

she checked and could see I was told to send it back on 22/7/19 and she could also see the form and a lot of  proof was scanned in on the 4/8/19 the same day they done the letter about the benefit was stopped.

i though good but was told it still stands and to send the proof in which I have done I just broke down because we have lost our beautiful mam and she didn’t have insurance that’s another worry because we didn’t get the grant we have to pay back £50 a month.

as I said on the phone I done everything they asked me to do now we will lose our home because the housing benefit will stop .

i cannot cope  I was told it will take 4 weeks I don’t understand they scanned it on the 4th and done the letter on the the 4th must be a different department.


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    When applying for PIP there's a 14 day extension of time available when returning the form, i'm assuming you didn't request this? You did leave it rather late to return the form, even though you were advised to return it on this date, i'm afraid it wasn't great advice. Signed for next day delivery doesn't mean it's arrived at DWP all it means is it's been signed for by someone from Royal mail sorting office. It's not classed as arriving at DWP until it's been added to the computer.

    I'd advise you to ring DWP and ask for a case manager to call you back. Explain to them that you did return the form on that particular date but it wasn't added to the computer until 6 days after the date it was supposed to be returned, even though it was signed for the morning after it was sent. Hopefully they will accept this and your sisters DLA will restart and continue until a decision's been made on her PIP.

    If the decision still stands and her DLA isn't re-instated then if her PIP award is successful she will be backdated all the money owed.

    As for the housing benefit, this won't stop because PIP isn't means tested. She could have a reduction in her housing benefit because of the DLA ending but this will depend on her circumstances and there may not be any reduction at all. It maybe suspended briefly but a quick phone call to your local council to tell them what happened to the DLA etc and this should start payments again.

    You may also want to get some help and advice from your local CAB or the likes. Good luck.
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    I followed there advice I feel so bad because I should be looking after my sister she is braking her heart 
    Thank you I don't understand how it works as she had dla with no end date but I do know it still has to change to pip 
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    I phoned on the 3rd sept 19 asking how my sisters case was going the woman was very rude she said there was nothing on the system,I said I was told the form and proof was put on the system on the 4th August 19 and I posted the proof  I said I know you got it because someone signed for it ,she said no nothing is there . 
    she looked again she said yes the medical records and proof of it being posted but the pip form isn’t there, I said it has to be because I stapled it to each of the questions I checked and doubled checked before i sellotaped it I added  I used the envelope that come with the form and the address was on the back of the pip form so how did they can the medical proof but not the pip form. 

    She said the money is still stopped and because the form is lost it will be another 10 weeks it’s been 4 weeks .

    they just don’t see to care no need to be rude I was nice 
    it was them who told me to post it on 22nd July 19 I don’t know anything about the way it works 


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