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Anyone know where i can find FREE Energy bulbs?

Tobias Posts: 46 Courageous
Not sure this is the correct section for this question/...I have googled but cant seem to find anything...

looking for free energy bulbs..any schemes etc? grants.


  • Geoark
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    Hello @Tobias

    Disclaimer - I am not recommending the following.

    Utility Warehouse - switch your utility supplier to these guys and they will replace all your light bulbs with LED lights, As long as you remain with them they will replace them your lights when they stop working for free,

    Utility Warehouse is a members discount club, free to join, and as such offer a number of services that allow members to reduce their costs. However they may not be the cheapest on the market. So it may be worth taking time to check their prices and deals. While they may not be the cheapest if their member cards, 2 that I saw could easily offset this. Their cashback card, if you regularly uses the stores which support this, could help to reduce your energy bill further.

    Member discount clubs work by using the spending power of their members to get better deals from suppliers than could be negotiated by an individual and passing these savings onto members.

    I am a huge fan of LED lights but they do come with a premium price. The lower energy usage and lifespan do offset the costs over time. With free LED lights and replacements you will reap the rewards straight away. As I have not used them I cannot go as far as recommending them, but definitely worth checking out to see if switching will save you money, and if the cashback and discount cards would save you even more.

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