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Lower back pain months after lumbar puncture

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So a few months ago I've had a lumbar puncture and I can still feel pain around the area where the needle was inserted. The pain is somewhat dull, when I press on the bone around where the needle was inserted I can feel that exact same pain that I felt when the needle was poked in and the pain that remained for a few weeks after. I'm not too worried about this though, what worries me is that in those last few months I have been having lower back pains which stem from the area where the needle was poked in. I can't sit down for longer than a few minutes because I start feeling like my back is broken and I get very worried as I feel like I am making my spine worse every minute in which I countinue to stay seated. I can stand up fine and I don't feel any pain standing up but when I'm seated on a desk chair I feel pain. I am also fine when slouching on a couch but that's about it. Has the NHS f**ked my back over? I don't see how it can be healed, it's been months and nothing has improved. Will doing weight lifting to strengthen my back fix this? Or will my back always feel funny? Thank you in advance.


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    Hi @matthew123 welcome to the community! Sorry to hear what has happened. Unfortunately, as we are not medical professionals we cannot suggest any techniques to help your back. The best option is to speak to your GP  :)
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    I might as well dig a grave for myself.
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    Hi @matthew123 and a very warm welcome to the community!

    I have heard of this before but I'm sorry you are still experiencing pain from this! Does heat or ice help at all?

    Have you been to see a doctor since it started?

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    HI, this interests me because I am now wondering whether the three epidurals I had when giving birth (3 times) have damaged my back.  My pain definitely originates from the same area the injections where sited although this was some 20 years ago, but I do wonder if it damaged, weakened or changed the area so that as I got older the damaged area became weaker and this is the root of my chronic pain.
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    I had a lumbar puncture 9 years ago and my back pain is now progressing to a permanent feeling of weakness and it will give out at times. I am also thinking the lumbar puncture is responsible as it started after it and is in the same position.