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My ESA is about to run out

Edward Member Posts: 2 Listener
I received a message from the ESA that I would no longer be entitled to ESA and to apply for UC in December. Is this a regular thing? I will be sick/disabled for the long term. I currently receive sick certs for 42 days at a time and am still under the pain clinic at Royal Berkshire Hospital. What then am I entitled to?

Many Thanks


  • poppy123456
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    Are you claiming New style ESA? If you are then this is only paid for 1 year unless you're placed into the Support Group.

    have you had an assessment yet to determine which group if any you'll be placed into? I see you're still sending in fit notes which must mean you haven't had the assessment. Or have you had it and wee placed into the WRAG (LCW)?

    May i ask if you've received a work capability assessment form at all? This is known as the ESA50 form.

  • Edward
    Edward Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I'm claim PIP and have a blue badge, I forgot to mention that in my earlier post. I received a work assessment when I was attempting to claim UC and another when I claimed my PIP. Although my symptoms have got worse I have not advised anyone on the PIP side other than that no. 

    The person who took my assessment for UC advised that I was unable to work and another assessment would be required in 18 months time.


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