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What exercise can do with my 8 month old grandson?

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My grandson is 8 months old and has cerebral pausey. What exercise can I do to help him? 


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    Hi @Twofourtwelve1
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    Your grandson should be under the care of a paediatrician and be seeing a paediatric physiotherapist. They are the best people to speak to about what exercise you can perform at home with him. Have you taken him swimming yet? A warm swimming pool is a fantastic place to relax and stretch his limbs, it's fun for him too!
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    Hello @Twofourtwelve1

    Have you tried swimming? I take my disabled son swimming once a month. It find it helps him burn calories and maintain a reasonable level of fitness as well. He and I love it! He loves splashing around in the water. It is a great workout for me too.