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Hell every one Breakfast to me is the most important meal of the day.

We need Breakfast, fuel to sustain us through the day highly important.

Wellbeing, mental health and gives us the energy to do the tasks the roles the thing we need to do.

I have actually met several people who never eat Breakfast.

Shocking, could not do that anytime.

Need to eat, fuel up feel great.


You need a third of cup of Porridge Oats good quality ones. Buy named brands or organic if you can.

One tablespoon of mixed seeds, these include Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower, other ones.

Seeds good source Iron, Fibre.  Vitamin B and E .  Except B12.

Tablespoon of dried Prunes or One portion of Frozen Berries .

I use Cherries, Blackberries, Blueberries.  Defrosted over night.

All have antibacterial properties good for gut health, fibre.

Handful of Walnuts, these are good fats for Heart may reduce Heart disease good fibre and B vitamins, Protein.

Use whole Milk and this is good for bones, muscle growth .  Enough to cover about half a pint you can add  touch of water, I do not.

Microwave five minutes on high, use a Pyrex dish medium size.

Stand and stir, leave one minute.

Stir in Greek or Natural Yoghurt one tablespoon add drizzle honey and sprinkle of Cinnamon.

You can add from fruit bowl.  Apples or Pears.

Make it your own, a Muesli type Cereal.


Remove Porridge Oats and Milk have with the rest of ingredients, a filling energy boost to the day.  


Two large Eggs beaten up touch Milk.

Small sauté pan add in with knob small butter medium low heat, slowly allow to partially set, stir and turn off heat.

Fold over never season , if you want to chilli flakes or Black Pepper.

On toasted Muffin use grill pan to toast or toaster.

Do this with poached Eggs same just top.

Add grilled Tomatoes or Mushrooms.

Please love to hear your favourite Breakfast has to be healthy.


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