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Are we concessions

Just a quick question. Are we classed as concessions if we have proof of disability?


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Not usually. Yet this will depend on the company.

    Most places can offer a free carers ticket or a scheme which is subsidised. 

    I hope this helps. :) 

  • NotSoSerious
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    There is a card called Access Card that has a bunch of places giving offers.

    One good thing about that card is how wide it has expanded since I first heard of it a few years ago, there are some places outside of the UK on there now. The only downside is that is it something you have to pay for.

    I have come across some good places that help, even if they don't do concessions, Cafe Nero were very good to me when there was one I went to regular. They knew I had hand tremours, because I fliped a tray over once, so they would take my order, and seat me, then bring everything. They also knew that I liked to be seated alone, so they would do their best there too.

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