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I'm a fake pls help

Hi all I have suffered from fibromyalgia for yrs and when me and my bf have a fall out I seem to do more things but then suffer the consequences he thinks am taking the p**s out of him cause I do more stuff when we fall out,, this is to take my mind of things,, I really think he thinks am a fake, does anyone else do this or is it just me,, he basically said I act up when there is a crowd which is not true,, I get bored easily so I do things which is stupid cause now am suffering sorry about the rant x


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    Hello @stacy230517 Please may I suggest if you having problems with your relationship maybe need to some one who is a professional.

    By talking to some one who is impartial and give some reassurance is often useful.

    As for Fibromyalgia there is this organisation may be able to help you more.


    Please take care.

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    Hey @stacy230517
    Relationships can be very rewarding but they are also hard work!

    Sometimes in the heat of an argument things can be said that are untrue and hurtful. Does your partner say this to you often?
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