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Hello every one signed up to OCADO new shop on line.

Started making some new ideas for Breakfast these the new ones making.

Main meal of the start of the day so important.

Not having Breakfast in the morning is some thing I never do, always have time to rest and eat.

These are the recipes and ideas use them, adapt them many are easy to prepare cost little.

Full of nutrition and healthy.


You will need Crumpets I use two per person.

One bowl with one egg beaten up with milk per person touch of chilli flakes use a pinch.

Mushrooms any your favourite I use Chestnut lot better flavour sliced.

Need two pans on for Eggy Crumpets and one Sauté  Mushrooms.


Beat up Egg mixture one egg beaten. Touch of Milk, Chilli Flakes to taste.

Add Crumpets allow to absorb Egg mixture. To a pan for frying off touch of olive oil.

Face down browned turn over.  Three minutes on medium heat per side.

Add Mushrooms touch of Oil colour and brown. Ten minutes adjust might need a little longer.

To a plate   Add Crumpets and Mushrooms piled on top.

Note you could grill some Bacon or add Baked Beans.


You need one Muffin split in half, toasted.

Three eggs per person for scrambled Eggs.

Touch of Milk.

Chestnut Mushrooms. sliced .


One bowl crack three Eggs use a jug or a cup quick tip.  Any shell can be removed use a teaspoon .

To a bowl add milk, season or just beaten. I often add Chilli Flakes a pinch some Black Pepper. Helps need to be awake stirs the senses.

To a pan add touch of Oil add Eggs , allow to set then slowly on a medium heat scramble with a spatula couple of times.

I like my Eggs not too scrambled. Couple of times like a Omelette scrambled Eggs mix. Turn off heat. Residual heat cooks a lot of the Eggs, no need to continue.

Add Mushrooms to a pan brown sear colour. Medium heat with touch of Olive Oil.

Pile on to Muffins, scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms with your favourite condiment.


You need Chicken Sausages two per person.

Bacon use Turkey smoked. Or use Naked Bacon, new to me.  Had this better and has nor added nitrates etc or nasties.

Eggs Poached or Scrambled.

Beans mixed ones. You can buy Italian Mixed Beans or Mixed Beans .

In water add the following.  Drain

Jar of your favourite Pasta Sauce add in Chilli Flakes a pinch.

Or if you made a Pasta Dish night before any left over add Mixed Beans.

Or Spaghetti hoops or any small shapes Pasta, does not matter.

All are full of fibre helps your body to get started.

That is it, many varieties of Bake Beans too much Sugar.


Line a grill pan with Tin foil and add Bacon and Sausages turn over medium heat to high.

Grill pans can be hot so use a oven glove , not wishing to use Grill Pan use a ridged or Grill pan on the hob.

Touch Olive Oil colour.

You can buy Grill Pans designed for all the one pan Breakfast good to use has ridges one side other side sections for each ingredient .

I use this a lot.

AMAZON on line.

Mushrooms sauté Olive oil and your choice of Eggs.  I do scrambled to get rid of milk as previous recipes.

Or do poached good variety of pans out there.

One other make the Eggs if you can the ingredients good quality.

Organic if you can afford it.

Baked beans homemade small pan add Beans drained add Pasta sauce jar portion might not use all. Or use what you have Pasta Sauce left over or even Curry Sauce done that sometimes low heat warm .

When ready all to a Bowl I use Bowls mixed Grills.

Pasta ones.

Those who do not like anything I suggested, these are my budget cheap eats Breakfasts.

Those in a hurry if you have to.

Porridge.  Method my way . One quarter Oats milk to cover. Boiling water kettle a splash. Microwave three minutes on high use a Pyrex dish or bowl.

Meantime Apple Diced sliced with Defrosted Berries night before put out, or use a Kettle to defrost drain and add to Porridge.

Top with Greek or Natural Yoghurt and pinch Cinnamon.


Buy a range of frozen Berries defrosted.

Milk and Greek Yoghurt use Whole Milk and Greek Yoghurt not low fat.

To a blender I used quarter milk and one tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt.

With Berries drizzle Organic Honey or any good quality Honey.

With Cinnamon half a teaspoon blitz up.

Chill or just have, can use a variety of frozen fruit make it your own.

I like Mango, Pineapple or any of the Berries Cherries, Blueberries and Blackberries good for gut health and energy.

Another good idea is any Cereal Cornflakes add Berries or Nuts. Do not use if allergies.

With Milk.


Any vegetable Soup Mixes from Supermarket.

Favourite Butternut Squash with Sweet Potato add Stock and cook.

Cool down and blitz in to Tubs freezer.  Useful standby for mornings with any bread.

Quick tip toast bread add to a bowl.  Microwave portion of Soup defrosted ladle Soup on to bread serve.


Toast and Cereal boring so why not try some of these or make your own Breakfast, any ideas.  Love to share and care.

Be inventive create something you like.

Hope your day goes great by starting the right way.

Please any questions please ask happy to do so.

Please take care.


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