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How can I stop being a quitter

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I keep quitting every job I ever get I tried googling how to stop being a quitter and the stories that came up I couldn't relate to. My disability has excluded me allot  I was in a house fire twelve years ago I have a disability to both of my hands and I suffer with PTSD however my physical disabiltys looks allot worse I am very high functioning and I can do allot of work. This really doesn't help sometimes being disabled can make you feel like an easy target like all the cowards in life will target you because they think you wont defend  yourself having PTSD means I deal with this really badly  I get stressed and jumpy  people see I'm anxious and nervous and it makes me a target for bullies plus I have a visible disability unfortunately there are people that think people like me shouldn't be in paid employment. I'm an agency worker because this is the only paid work I can get in the field I have chosen to work in  I can get a very positive and negative responses from people which can play even more mind games with my mental health but when ever things get tough I keep running and quitting my job  I will find a new agency and then do the same thing. The main reason I quit is my work environment will become too difficult I think non disabled people do have an issue with disabled people being equal like men have issues with having a women being better at something then they are I've found people have had an issue with me in the work place when I'm performing well and this is when I've started to notice issues staff that are at equal level to me will talk down towards me like I'm automatically below them. A part of me is thinking I need to get use to people hating me I'm always going to get this it has actually become normal 


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    Hi there. Oh dear, life has been hard for you.

    Sounds like maybe you need a counsellor of some who will help you feel more positive about yourself.

    It is very hard to stand up to bullies...especially the ones who play mind games. They gain your trust and then abuse it.

    Do you have a social worker or someone in a position of trust, you can talk to?

    To keep running  away from problems doesn't help solve anything.

    If you have no-one like this to speak to, what about seeing your GP? He may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. I hope so.

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    Thank you it doesn't really help speaking to people as discrimination is something that is actually happening allot of non disabled people will make excuses for this type of behavior and just be generally unhelpful probably what I would find most helpful would be speaking to someone else with a disability who feels discriminated against I definitely don't need a social worker ive been workinv on and off for 5 years I live independently I 'm not in any crisis or imitate danger 
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    I have taken two employers to tribunal and I am currently taking another one. I have also had a lot of problems getting into employment due to my disability which has made me decide that I need to campaign to get disabled people into employment. 
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    Hello @AmesXOX

    I am sorry to hear that, the attitude or lack of awareness of disabilities on some workplaces/recruitment agencies is not acceptable.

    Have you tried Scope's Helpline? 0808 800 3333 which has employment support and advice, or you could make a post on the ask-an-employment-adviser section of the forum. I am sure there would be specific organisations that they can put you in touch with, that have supporting workplaces.
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    Hey thanks for your reply I'm at the stage of honestly thinking these helpline are very pointless the law is made by non disabled people and will favour a non disabled person over someone with a disability also allot of these agencies are run by non disabled people I should be able to seek employment without a a disability agency plus they don't advocate for you they just advise I am at the point where I no the easiest thing for me is to accept if I'm in employment I have to get use to people hating me other wise I won't be able to work I think people with disabilities are the most marginalised and least protected group I saw a video on tik tok of a man jumping in a wheel chair saying I've got crippling depression and this post got 1000s of likes we are still living in a generation where disability hate crime is openly happening and the law is not protecting anyone  even Netflix is constantly showing imagery of disabled people as villains I'm not really surprised I get targeted all the time 
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    Just did a quick google for you. I typed in disabled job agency.
    A few things came up....agencies who do help disabled people into work.

    Have a google yourself