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Fed up being the bad guy

Ali101_ Member Posts: 7 Listener
I help look after my 89 year old gran,  she has mobility problems, during lock down she wasn't coping at all, she started halcuiating wasn't eating or drinking, after speaking to her gp he said that family members had to go in to help or it would be home care. I did not want home care so between me and my mum we have been getting her shopping, and taking dinners in. While we are aware of the current situation we would sit in her dinning room and speak to her for about 30 mins twice a week, we would have no physical contact and washed hands and all surfaces atc.  It has help her alot and she calmed right down and was coping with everything a bit better.
However today while I was in dropping off her dinner my uncle called and gave me abuse threatening he was gonna kick my head in etc and report me.  I was pretty shocked and shook up about it and feel physically sick to be honest.  This guy hasn't phoned her in the last 10 weeks he barely visits her 1 a month in normal circumstances. Am I completely in the wrong here, was I just to leave her there deteriating with no one to speak to,  loosing weight and hearing things day and night.