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Psoriatic arthritis

Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help but I have a very odd arthritis which just arrives and completely destroys the joint within a couple of years. 
I had a hip reconstruction just over a year ago and by the point of surgery my thigh bone was in my pelvis such was the catastrophic damage. All was well for a while until it happened again, this time in my left foot. Again catastrophic destruction and by the time it's diagnosed the damage is immense. I saw a consultant on Wednesday and he is at a loss to know why, he has said I need surgery to stabilise my big toe but he doubts if this can be achieved such is the destruction, this has happened in months. There is a strong history of psoriasis in my family, my mother, maternal niece and my daughter all had or have this but I didnt know it was connected to arthritis. Is it possible to have Psoriatic arthritis without having the skin inflammation?


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    Hi there Ellie, I am so sorry to hear you having such a terrible time with you body. I only found out I had psoriatic arthritis last year at 50,  Got psoriasis at  7 didnt think it was dangerous, only last year I found out 1 in 3 people who are diagnosed with psoriasis develop Psoraitic arthritis within ten years. Despite being in growing pain since 15 no doctors suggested Psoraitic arthritis or even sent me to a dermatologist. People can be born with Psoraitic arthritis or develop it later in life, and never have psoriasis. How are your nails, there is a tendency for the nails to detach from the nail bed and eventually get pitted, how are your nails. There is also a connection with lupus and psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.. They are all auto immune diseases which I only found out last year also. Whats so frustrating is that blood tests arnt conclusive. I hope your doing okay in this crazy time of corona. Best wishes to you . Elli x
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    Welcome to the community @elli, thank you for sharing this with us.

    How are you managing in lockdown?