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Views on climate change?

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Hi! My name's Kiri, I'm 20, and I'm a care worker for children and young people with disabilities as well as an English student and climate justice activist.
The intersection between climate justice and disability seems really under-researched. I'm planning an article on this issue, and would love to hear any of your views on climate change.
As some guiding questions:
- Does climate change scare you, and if so, what are you worried about? Or is it not a worry that is often at the top of your mind?
- Do you feel included in discussions about environmental issues? If not, what does the able-bodied community need to do to facilitate the participation of the disabled community?
- How do you engage with the natural world? How important is it to you? What barriers do you face to doing this?
- Do you see any links between dealing with a disability and dealing with the climate crisis (I'm thinking of the ability to adapt to barriers and restrictions, for example). What can the able-bodied community learn from the disabled community about how to cope with a changing world?
If you have anything else you'd like to say, please go for it! These are only starting points and I want to shape my research around your priorities and your voices.
Thank you so much, and stay safe,
Kiri :) 


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    Hello there @kiriley12 and welcome to our community.  I'm glad you found us :)

    Could you email us at [email protected] to advise what you will do with any data our members provide just so we can ascertain it will be handled safely.  

    Also, I'm not sure if you are aware of the work Dr Deborah Fenney has done around the nexus of disability and environmental issues but I'd recommend giving it a read - in-particular her thesis.  

    Thank you and I hope that helps!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    I am a little bit worried about climate change but it’s at the back of my mind as I have other issues to deal with in my day to day life. Also, I am not in any position of power so (in my mind) I can’t really do anything to help with climate change.

    I may be wrong but I would guess that disabled people on the whole are slightly less worried about climate change for a couple of reasons, aside from the obvious which I won’t mention.

    Firstly as with me they have more issues to worry about than the average person so their time is taken up tackling their own situation rather than things like the climate. Secondly, most people I know who are overtly worried about climate change are more middle class. Disabled people are often lower down on the wealth ladder due to not being able to work so they can’t afford to make expensive changes to their life for the benefit of the climate - I’m talking about things like electric cars, new heating systems at home, renewable energy etc. which you have to be relatively well off to be able to pay for.
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    Thank you, this is really helpful.
  • kiriley12
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    Thank you @Cher_Scope ! I will look into Dr Fenney's work, and of course email.
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    I'm afraid i've reached an age when I really couldn't care less about climate change, in fact it means warmer summers i'm all for it, but having said that we do our best, we recycle all the time, we re-use carrier bags all the time, we always use public transport, we have led lights all round the house and we have a smart meter, so I'm not sure there's much more we can do, as for climate change and being disabled I don't see any connection..sorry
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.