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Community Advent Calendar Day 2 - Remembering our school nativities!

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As we carry on our countdown to the big day, let's take our minds back to being in primary school.  The cold wooden hall, those awfully uncomfortable pine benches and the creative masterpiece of the school year - the nativity.

An ornamental Mary Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger

My personal memories

I have two nativities that stand out in my mind.  One was when I made a guest appearance in my sisters nativity as the big guy himself, baby Jesus.  I remember laying in a plastic washing basket trying my best to appear serene and holy which must have worked as the head teacher lifted me up to a round of applause at the end  :D   

The other was when I was, inevitably, the Inn Keeper's wife.  I wanted to be an angel so badly that I had a very sullen look on my face as we declared 'THERE IS NO ROOM AT THIS INN'.  

Does anyone remember playing the wooden blocks to the tune of little donkey too?    :D

Over to you:

  • Can you remember your nativity? 
  • What songs did you sing? 
  • And who did you play - an inn-keeper with a tea towel on your head, or one of the much sought after names, like Mary or Joseph?

Share with me your memories in the comments below and let's take ourselves back there this gloomy Sunday!
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