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Hi, my name is juliesparkle!

Hello people. i've never joined anything like this, but in looking for help in the last few years Scope have alwaysunderstand me, the people have what I call 'smiley voices'. Over the last 8 years, since Breast Cancer, I have suffered from significant Cognitive Basically Dysfunction, due to Aggressive Chemo. It affects every area of my life, problems re memory, numbers.letters, slow thought processes,& more. It is no different now than 8 years ago. Because it is a 'hidden disability'it has caused major problems with the DWP. It took 2 years, & 2 Tribunals before the dwp accepted my Cognitive Disability, & gave me Enhanced Mobility & Daily Living points. They ignored 3 letters from my Oncologist, told me plainly that I 'didn't' have Cognition problems, many times. It concerns me that if the DWP don't recognise Cognition it will affect so many people who have Cognition problems, not just from Chemo' but any type of brain injury. I had a scan done, & it showed Atrophy of the frontal lobes,. it made no difference to the DWP. I just hope someone suffering from this debilitating & humiliating condition knows they aren't the only sufferers.. Julie Sparkle xxx


  • Tom70Tom70 Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Hi, welcome, I’m new as well!!
  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Member Posts: 3,594 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi I had the same problems when I first got diagnosed  with lupus but it didn't take long to sort it out 

    I was on dla then I am on pip now I was moved over to pip a whilst ago  but from helping people to claim pip I think its alot harder to claim than dla was 

    Glad you have got yours sorted out now and welcome to the community 
  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 8,485 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi welcome on board 

    Glad you have now had a positive outcome some people do have a long battle but its good you didnt give up 
  • juliesparklejuliesparkle Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I think openijustg up about emotional  issues is sometimes harder for men, so I hope in some ways this blog (or whatever it's called) helps. I think it's very brave of you. I'm 69 years old, have had Breast Cancer, & I spend every day 'pretending' I am absolutely fine. It's hard work, but it 'sort of works for me. I was a foster carer for 20 years, & I miss the challenges it brought. My 2 cats help in a way, they are so spoiled, but give me a purpose & structure. Everyone finds their own way of coping, what I find very helpful is 'distraction' when my mood is low, Doesn't matter what the distrsction is', make a cuppa, look out of the window, go in the garden etc.Too easy for negative thoughts  to take over.   Nice to meet you Tom, we are the 'newbies', even though we are the 'oldies. x
  • Tom70Tom70 Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Ha ha, good point. Actually I was born in 1970, maybe my user name is a bit misleading!!
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