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New supermarket heading to the UK


  • woodbine
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    I suppose eventually it will give Aldi and Lidl a run for their money but it's going to take time for them to open enough stores in the UK.
    Two negatives though, whilst Aldi and Lidl originally sold non branded goods they soon had to change that and stock some branded lines
    And in the 1990's Fine Fare tried the cut pallet approach of pile it high sell it cheap from the box(under the food giant banner) and failed miserably eventually going under.
    Big positive 20-30% cheaper would be a big attraction.
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  • lisathomas50
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    We knew something was comeing to neath but people here would rather have an asda our aldi diesnt get busy cant see a Russian store going down well lol 
  • Tori_Scope
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    I saw this briefly on the news as well @MarkN88- we'll have to see how it goes down :) 
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  • poorsoul
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    Sounds hope they have shops soon in most uk towns as far as im concerned the mere the merryer  :#