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Hi, my name is rosie118! PIP assessment report

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Hi everyone. 
Apologies for the rambling, i'll try and explain my situation as best as I can. Just received the report letter and can't stop crying because I don't know what to do. Just wanted to post on here and get any advice on what to do next. I know there is lots of information out there but I struggle to sift through it. 

I am autistic. I've put off claiming pip for years because I knew it would be a nightmare. Claimed in March 2021. Assessment couple weeks ago on the phone. Woman was really lovely. I was so worried and she just seem to 'get' autism so i thought it was all going to be okay. 

Just got the report and it's nothing like what I said. Some things just completely factually incorrect. I never said them. They aren't true so i wouldn't. 

She's only given me points for not being able to leave the home, but I can? She's said I can't undertake any journey because of overwhelming psychological distress. I repeatedly said I can go out but it has to be with my partner or family member. I don't want to claim saying i can't leave the house when I can!?

For everything else she has said that i have a degree, passed my driving test and work. So i'm fine. Also that I was diagnosed later in life so i did fine until then. 

It's just a joke and i honestly don't know where to go from here. I guess it's that manual reconsideration thing next? Do I need to get medical support for that? What can i even get? Phone the doctor and get them to write about my current situation?

Yes I have a degree. Yes I work (from home and only since my diagnosis and with tons of reasonable adjustments) but I also can't cook or go anywhere on my own. It's not fair my degree is held against me and my job. that is what autism is. just because i have a degree doesn't mean i can cook. 

Sorry waffling now. Can someone please tell me what i do next? Or what you would do next?
Obviously this has already taken a huge amount out of me and it terrifies me what i now have to do to just prove i need help with life. 

Thanks so much for any help. 


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    Hi and welcome 

    First if all you need to wait for the decision letter as the report isn't the decision only recommendations and you can't do anything till you get that 

    If you don't get award you think you deserve then put in mandatory reconsideration 

    Detail all descriptors you think you should score and give 2 real examples of what happens when you tried to do it 

    Gp letters are not always best evidence as they don't see you doing everyday tasks 

    Also if it is just cooking you can't do this won't get you an award I'm presuming there are other tasks you struggle with 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
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    @janer1967 Thanks for replying

    Yeah there are others. She has even said I can't attend counselling alone and use an alarm for tablets but given no points for that. I can't engage with people without help but she's just said I need prompting and again said because of uni. Even though I had a mentor that did communicate for me at uni? She's just twisted everything and ignored what I've said. 

    It seems as soon as she heard i had a degree and a job she had already decided i don't need any help. 

    I didn't send a GP letter originally, just my diagnosis. Would it be worth contacting the GP to get them to put in writing I can't do these things without help? Not sure what else evidence I can get for autism. The governemtn don't do anythign to help me. I have no professional help. That's hwy I wanted PIP. So I can pay for counselling and help. 

    I'll wait for the decision but I have a feeling it will follow hers. The irony is she's given me points for something that I don't feel comfortable claiming because I don't deserve those ones. I don't want more points, i want a fair assessment. 

    Thanks again for coming back to me. I guess i prepare for the reconsideration process while i wait for the letter. and maybe contact gp

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    Hello @rosie118

    Welcome to the community. 

    As mentioned by Jane, if you get the decision letter and it follows what the assessor has recommended, then your next step should be a mandatory reconsideration. The letter you receive will contain details of how you can reqest the MR. From there, you should have a look through the report that you have, as well as the decision letter, to work out where you feel as though you should and shouldn't have scored ppoints, and build your MR based on those, with explanations and examples to go along with it.

    Contacting your GP might be useful, it's best to ensure that anything you get from them doesn't just confirm any diagnosis but also explains how your condition impacts you, particularly in relation to the activities that are assessed as part of PIP.

    Have you spoken with your GP at all about your mental health? Is that something they are supporting you with?
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