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Euro 2020 Sweepstake team announcement

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Kicking off the online community's Euro 2020 sweepstake!

Euro 2020 kicks off today (11th June 2021) and so does the online community's Euro 2020 sweepstake.

There are 24 national football teams competing in Euro 2020. To begin with, these teams will be divided into groups of 4, with those groups battling it out to see who advances to the knockout rounds of the competition. I will of course update as teams are eliminated or advance to later stages. Whoever succeeds in drawing the winning team will become our first ever Community Sweepstake Champion!

All week, members of the community have been picking numbers between 1 and 24. These numbers are randomly assigned to a team and allocated on a first come first served basis until all the spots are filled. If you've chosen a number over the past week, you can now find your online community Euro 2020 sweepstake team below:

1. Scotland - @Ross_Scope
2. Austria - @Cher_Scope
3. Finland - @66Mustang
4. Germany - @Ami2301
5. North Macedonia - @Lou67
6. Denmark - @Sandy123
7. Netherlands - @chiarieds
8. Slovakia - @Tori_Scope
9. Portugal - @lisathomas50
10. Italy - @Stayce
11. Russia - @ScottyBoy
12. Croatia - @leeCal
13. Wales - @mikehughescq
14. Turkey - @janer1967
15. Belgium - @Globster
16. Poland - @dragonslayer
17. Switzerland - @AudreyM49
18. Ukraine - @cat_hug
19. France - @easy
20. Czech Republic - @vix125
21. Sweden - @OverlyAnxious
22. Spain - @WestHam06
23. England - @woodbine
24. Hungary - @Richard_Scope

Euro 2020 kicks off this evening at 8pm with Turkey versus Italy. So good luck to @janer1967 and @Stayce tonight and good luck to everyone else.

Look out for updates on how your team's faring as the competition progresses.
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