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Possible superior semi-circular canal dehiscence visual disturbance

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Hi. I am having symptoms that seem to point to Superior semi-circular canal dehiscence.

I hear a low-pitched rubbing sound in my right ear when I move my eyes and other symptoms though thankfully not the full range but I do get unsteady on my feet and my muscles work incorrectly when the dizziness comes on and feel like the back right of my head has been hit with a hard book.

But I’m wondering, I get slight black flickering and vision going slightly brighter to darker with images slightly warping in my vision when it comes on. 

Has anyone else had the visual disturbances?

Thanks in advance.



  • leeCal
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    I had similar symptoms and was referred to a specialist in ENT, he suggested I had nothing wrong with me apart from tinnitus which he couldn’t cure. I had suggested it was superior canal dehiscence but he wouldn’t agree saying it is extremely rare, a rather silly observation I thought.

    I didnt have nor  do I have odd visual experiences though apart from the occasional blue flash, which maybe something to do with my retina, not sure. Eventually the sound of my eyes moving desisted though it does come back if I’m feeling unwell oddly, then again my tinnitus also increases at those times too. 

    If you havent seen your GP I would recommend it, best wishes.

    Happy new year 🥳 

  • mikeH
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    Hi leeCal. Yes, Doctors don't seem to recognize it. I have been to one and they said migraine.

    But the eye movement sound is the give-away, this means it’s a third window syndrome in the inner ear superior canal dehiscence being the commonest.

    Yes, wonder if the blue flash is connected and interesting that your eye noise goes on and off. Mine changes too, goes quieter, then louder when I say, scratch near my right ear.

    When my symptoms come on and I feel unwell with it, my eye noise gets louder so I wonder if when you feel unwell, it’s the dehiscence that’s doing it and then your eye noise comes back on?

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It’s an unpleasant condition and I hope our info helps others on the forum.