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Hi, my name is Becki

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I came across this community whilst researching how to get help for wheelchairs as I feel I need one, my illnesses/disabilities are dynamic so I can walk to a point before chronic fatigue hits me and other pain, and although I use a walker this also can be tiring. I am partially deaf and suspect I may have autism as well as ADHD and BPD all of which I am due to be referred to be assessed for this month. I also have migraines, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and I suspect I may have hypermobile EDS.

I'm still processing the fact I have all so many things going on with me and finding the right diagnosis and support is essential to help me live a better quality of life and get my needs met.

I look forward to connecting with others on here as well as sharing and learning more!


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    Hello @Darkfire

    Welcome to Scope's forum. It is great to see you have joined us. How are you today? Did you manage to find the information you need about wheelchairs or do you still have questions about this? Hopefully, we will be able to help you further if you still have questions or concerns about wheelchairs. I think we are a supportive and friendly community and I hope you will find the same! Take care for now and I will look forward to hearing from you again soon  :)
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    Hi @Darkfire I hope you enjoy being part of the Community. If you have any questions please ask. Take care.
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    Hello @Darkfire

    Welcome to the community, it's lovely to see you join us and thank you for introducing yourself.

    Have you spoken with your GP about your mobility concerns? You could be referred for an assessment to determine what mobility aids could help you. Scope have an information page here about how to get a wheelchair, which I think might be useful for you.

    It can be hard to come to terms with everything you have going on, especially when some or all of the things are new, but I'm sure that you'll adapt. It's important that you do access any support that is available to you, whether that be through health professionals or family and friends.

    This is a very supportive and welcoming community so I'm sure you'll enjoy being here. Feel free to have a look around and ask any questions that come to mind.
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    Hi and welcome to the community Feel free to join in or ask any questions 
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    Hi @Darkfire

    Welcome, I’m relatively new here too ☺️
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    Welcome @Darkfire :) 

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we hope that we will be able to help and support you throughout your journey. 

    I can imagine it seemed very overwhelming getting your different diagnoses. I can relate somewhat as I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses over the past few years too. It can be initially hard to accept, but I've learnt that it can take some time, and that's okay :). Seeking the correct medical attention will also help in reassuring you that you are in the best hands possible! 

    We have a coffee lounge in the community that is a good place to start as a new member. The coffee lounge is great for making new friends and playing games etc. Please see the link here to the coffee lounge if you're interested. 


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    Hi, and welcome,

    I am guessing you play World of Warcraft??