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Hi, my name is seankevin! 43 weeks and counting without any communication from the DWP

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HI CAME ACROSS THIS SITE had a read and am baffled by some questions & answers. i applied AGAIN for P.I.P  on 4.02.21 and with the run around i have been given i emailed Local MP & also central government and i.c.E 
The lack of communication and attitude of I.A.S is beyond reproach & the blatant lies they came up with i am so glad i recorded dates times names even 1 of the 2 phone consultations...yep 2 phone consultations the 2nd repeating exactly the same as the first...so enough was enough and i emailed all in sundry and 43 weeks and counting from application without any communication from DWP (P.I.P) & I,A,S, So I've done my fare share of chasing. And its now the waiting game again for the responses and I,C,E outcome. anyone else had or is having the same scenario?


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    The estimated timescale from applying to having a decision is about 10 months because there's huge backlogs. Therefore your timescales sounds about right to me. We've got members here and are still waiting for a decision with the same timescale as yourself. Unfortunately, all yuou can do is wait.
    You said this is your 2nd application, did you challenge the first decision? If you didn't, was there any reasons why?
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    Hello @seankevin

    Welcome to the community, I'm glad to see you join us and I'm sure you'll find the community to be a supportive and welcoming place :) 

    Sorry to hear of the frustration this has caused you, it has clearly been a long process which you just want to be resolved. THere are delays at the moment, as detailed above, but hopefully it won't be too much longer for you.

    I have moved your discussion over to our PIP category, which you also might like to have a browse of to find some related discussions.
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