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Is anyone good at writing a Christmas poem?

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I’m looking for a funny one for my uncle…just to make him laugh…
He is into gardening, caravanning and singing.

I’m useless so if anyone has this talent or advice welcome?
thanks ?



  • janer1967
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    @Globster is our resident poet 
  • Teddybear12
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    Hi @CoffeeFirst One of my favourites.

                              I made myself a snowman
                              As perfect as could be
                              I thought I'd keep it as a pet
                              And let it sleep with me

                              I made it some pyjamas
                              And a pillow for its head
                              Then last night it ran away
                              But first - it wet the bed.  
     You can look on the internet for funny Christmas poems.  Take care.                          
  • CoffeeFirst
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    Haha…thanks Teddy bear12. This did make me laugh ?
  • 66Mustang
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    Lol that’s funny
  • chiarieds
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    It's too cold for the garden, but plan for next year;
    Your caravan is empty, but there's still festive cheer....
    You can sing about your garden, or how to pitch a tent,
    And no-one will listen to your time (probably) misspent.

    You may talk about your garden; the birds & the bees,
    But it's known that's how you tried to get a fair maiden on her knees,
    You like caravanning, what do you plan with this?
    Try singing yourself out of this, & the unexplained bliss.

    It's Christmas time, so we all will relent
    On that time in the garden, & under the tent.
    It's good you can sing, & can therefore hold a note
    But you remain a suspect on whom we nonetheless dote.

    What you did you get up to, we can hardly guess,
    But everyone talks about your absolute finesse.
    We trust you absolutely; of course we really do,
    Sing a song & we'll forgive you, as it's Christmas time too.

  • Globster
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    Poem called Uncle

    My uncle loves swig Christmas Christmas tipple  

    Then he went to pottering in his garden

    He had his spade look like it had seen better days.

    As he was busy digging to weeds up. 

    When he heard a crunching sound as the spade part was stuck in the ground and the handle spade was in the hand of uncle. 

    As my uncle is heard giggling with laughter with the rest family members

    My uncle was planning a caravanning trip.

    When the night before his caravanning be trip his zip broke on suitcase he was not able to get new as suppose to go early the next morning. 

    But he was able to put safety clips on your suitcase and were still able to have a blast on your caravanning trip to Wales.

    After Christmas lunch, my uncle likes to give us a rendition of his version of all we want for Christmas. He loves spending quality time with the family and gives smiles to us all and fantastic singing. 

    We all love you so much my uncle and we hope you carry on to bring so warmly and happiness to our hearts. 

  • Libby_Alumni
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    A Chubby Snowman

    A chubby little snowman
    had a carrot nose.
    Along came a bunny,
    and what do you suppose?

    That hungry little bunny,
    looking for some lunch,
    Grabbed that snowman's nose,
    Nibble, nibble, crunch!

    This website is great for some funny Christmas poems: Funny Christmas Poems - Short-list of the Best (


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  • CoffeeFirst
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    Thanks to you all, I’ve got a few to choose from now ?
  • onebigvoice
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    I hope you don't mind:

    My uncle.


    We are coming up to Christmas, my favourite time of year

    I get to spend time with my uncle, getting ready for next year.


    He potters round in that locked shed, the one no one’s allow in

    I think he spends his time making porcini from the potatoes he dug up and taken in.


    The last time that he made some, and tried to distil the lot

    He blew a hole in the garden fence, and said, I’ve got room for a cot.


    He used to go Caravanning, he’d go right round the year.

     But when it came to Christmas, he’d want to stay right here.


    He’d get up really early, just to make the breakfast,

    the smell of bacon and eggs, is a smell you never forget.


    On Christmas day you knew, it’s time for you to get up,

    As my Uncle had already sampled, the pheasant and the Duck.


    He’d also would have had, a Whiskey or two followed by some wine.

    His voice was not the best, but do you know what, I really couldn’t care less, it was really better than mine.


    To have my family round me, at this time of year

    Just made me realise, I’m glad my uncle’s still lives right here.

  • CoffeeFirst
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    @onebigvoice, another great poem! Thank you ?
  • L_Volunteer
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    I would also nominate @Globster :) Though, it is great to see the range of creativity we have in our online community from everyone who has shared! How wonderful. Would anyone else like to draft a poem?
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