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Painful when walking

Clare84 Member Posts: 3
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Hi my son is three with right sided hemi he has been walking little bits fir quite a while now he was doing so well a little unbalanced and a couple of falls a day but making progress. But I have noticed over the last few days his leg becomes really stiff and he will refuse to walk on it when I do finally encourage him to walk on it he seems to be in pain tiptoeing and bending it at the knee doing little tiny paces can anyone help me to understand why this is is it a common problem in children with cp I have taken him to doctors they seem to think it'd ok but I know my skin I know it's not


  • renacahill
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    I'm no expert for sure, but is your sons right leg becoming a little stiffer? has he had a recent growth spurt? This can result in the tendons and muscles becoming less flexible making walking more uncomfortable. Your physio should be able to assess and recommend further stretching exercises. I'm assuming you already have a stretching and flexibility routine? GPs are generalists not specialists so their knowledge of CP is pretty limited, are you under the community paediatric service?
  • Clare84
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    Ah thanks very much yes since writing my first post I have spoken to my sons physio and maybe it is just a growth spurt yr so right I just gabby noticed it too much before as he had not long been walking thanks anyways really appreciated x