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Supportive Buggy?????

msujb Member Posts: 9
My son Harry has spastic cp. He is actually doing very well and our PT was really pleased with him. He is nearly 17 month now and can sit up independently and can commando crawl (in his own way!!!) all over. He has a pony walker which he flies around in and we've just been told he's getting referred for a supportive buggy as he still lops his head to the right when he is tired still. I just wandered if their was anybody out there who has had their child in one for a bit but managed in time not to need one as its all quite a worry for us that he'll need one for a long long time. He wants to walk everywhere when we've got hold of him under his arms but he hasn't got much balance yet. Will it improve??? I know they're qeustions that really can't be answered as every case is different but are there any stories to give us hope???


  • renacahill
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    Hi. I'm glad to hear Harry is doing so well. He is still very young and yes, I am sure his head control and balance will improve with time and certain exercises. Children with spastic cp often have weak trunks and necks. There are specific exercises to build up these areas, and only after his trunk is stable will harry be looking at independent walking. He is sitting already and that is a huge developmental milestone and helps enormously with trunk strength. Your physio will have exercises for trunk stabilisation. Hydrotherapy and riding (when he is older) are also excellent.