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joebloggs Member Posts: 6
hello im new here.can anyone offer any advice? im a happyhacker but over the last 1.5 yr the associated movement in my feet has become very painful so now i only ride on the road which dreadfullysad about. ialready have knobbly insoles and have started to try splints thanks


  • niceboots
    niceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    Hi, I have been riding since I was about two. I'm now 25,
    I find riding in either piedro boots or afos support my feet and ankles better than standard riding boots, you could also try changing the length of the stirrup straps, changing the posistion of the stirrups.
    I ride with short stirrups off road,when riding faster than walking speed, or when i'm on a horse I'm not familiar with and that isn't used to my riding style. I ride with long stirrups when doing school exercises, as it helps stretch my hips out.
    hope this helps
  • joebloggs
    joebloggs Member Posts: 6
    Hello Nice Boots,

    thanks for the reply I actually ride in insoles and have just started with splints, unfortunately i still had the spasm in the left foot. To be honest this is a new phenomenon for me, have you encountered this problem? do you just ride through it? Excuse my ignorance but what is an AFO?

    I actually ride in a western saddle as i find it more comfy and i feel a bit safer in it. I started riding at 2 and gave up around 12 after a nasty fall but took it up again a few years ago and I'm now lucky enough to have horses kept at home. Do you have a horse at the moment

    Could I ask whether you have a cantering strategy, I find i cant actually canter that far before I loose balance a little.....
    thanks very much for your help
  • niceboots
    niceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    Hi, I don't really get spasms in my feet when riding, cos I have a good stretch out first, and my afo keeps my foot in a comfortable position. An afo is a splint. It is the most comon splint used for people with cp.
    I ride in a saddle that has quite a deep seat, I've never tried a western saddle. I don't have horses myself, but have lots of friends that do. I haven't ridden for a while though as I can't find a horse that suits me at the moment.
    I've never thought of whether I have a cantering stratedgy, I just kind of do it!!!
  • joebloggs
    joebloggs Member Posts: 6
    thanks Nice Boots !

    I have actually started to find the splints very useful for cantering so thats good. Crumbs im very impressed that you can canter in an english saddle i used to ride english and did a small amount of canter up hill but i still didnt feel awfully safe as i seemed to bounce quite a lot so i have found holding on to the saddle horn helpful, i cant seem to manage to sit deep enough.

    Could i ask to you manage to do other things like jumping and fun rides etc? i dont really trust my balance enough to try jumping but i really dont ride well enough i started at two if only i had kept it up ! :)
  • niceboots
    niceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    hi, I find splints briliant for riding as I don't have to worry too much about my ankles, as put too much weight through tem in certain positions can trigger spasms, and I find they sit better in the stirrups.
    I can jump, but don't like to as it makes my inner thight (adductor) muscles tighten up as I grip hard with my legs and it tends to make my hips hurt.
    Not sure what you mean by fun rides.....
  • gertrudiswr33
    gertrudiswr33 Member Posts: 1
    hi niceboots nice to meet you