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Irlen method

Helenx3Helenx3 Member Posts: 17
Does anyone have any information on this and is it available in the UK? I have always said if only there was a pair of glasses that would turn things the right way up and now i have just discovered Irlen on netbuddy but it only seems to be USA etc. Would love to know more.


  • EmmaEmma Member Posts: 88 Connected
    Hi Helen, I noticed you hadn't received an answer to your question about Irlen, so I put it out on Twitter, and the answer is yes it is available in the UK! Here's the link to find out more: http://www.irlencentralengland.com/

    Best of luck with it,

    Emma & the Netbuddy Team
  • Helenx3Helenx3 Member Posts: 17
    Great thanks for that will have a look.
  • BusyOTBusyOT Member Posts: 76
    Helen, some orthoptic departments in your local big hospital may prescribe Irlen or other coloured lenses. It is worth asking your GP to refer and see if they can help. (I've recently been working with our local dept and have been amazed at what they can and do offer on the NHS).
    Have you seen Ian Jordan's website www.jordanseyes.com - he uses coloured lenses to affect the way individuals perceive the world? It's also worth searching for him on you tube - he is a very inspirational speaker and is currently developing his evidence base.
  • Helenx3Helenx3 Member Posts: 17
    Fantastic thanks for that, im so excited to hear this i will be viewing jordons website as soon as finished writing this! We are already in the system with eyes as he has cataracts and have another appointment in nov so will will bring it up then, infact i might try and ring ahead. THANKYOU. x
  • kettleyjkettleyj Member Posts: 7
    Hi my son has Irlen and he got his glasses from the Orthoptist. He wears glasses anyway as he has poor eye convergence and was seeing double. It then emerged that he was experiencing writing moving on the page. It took 9 months of exercises and testing and now he has his glasses. We live in Wales and the tinting to his normal glasses was free he has a plain pair for when he is not working at school and his blue pair for school. He gets one pair a year and they are changed if his prescription changes. It has made a huge diffence to his life. Last week he read a boon in one week which I thought he would never do. I am so happy for him I could cry!
    Good luck
  • kettleyjkettleyj Member Posts: 7
    Also there is a group on Facebook called Blinded by the Light. Sue Utteridge Tuck moderates it I find it very useful.
    Again Good Luck
  • BusyOTBusyOT Member Posts: 76
    Hi kettleyj, the info about the facebook group sounds really interesting but I can't find it. There is lots about Bruce Springsteen but I don't think that's what you mean?! Can you give us more details or a link please? Thanks
  • kettleyjkettleyj Member Posts: 7
    Hi put in Blinded By The Light into groups and look for a picture of a blue mole and a rainbow. Hang on she has changed the profile pic to herself a lady with a bob and glasses looking to the left. I have just posted on the wall to ask her to post a link to her page on here as I can't seem to do it I have had a go but it may not work.
    Hope you find it
  • BusyOTBusyOT Member Posts: 76
    I successfully cut and paste the link! Thanks - it looks really interesting.
  • HanginInHanginIn Member Posts: 1
    Both my kids have coloured lenses from Jordans.

    Blue lenses improved my 10 year old son's handwriting immediately - like magic!! He does not have a diagnosis (we have not sought one) but appears to be 'Aspie' to me - and had been assessed as not having dyslexia, but his hand writing went from illegible to just appalling in the blink of an eye and has improved further since.

    I had great hopes of the dark green lenses prescribed for my daughter (15 years old with Aspergers) but she'll rarely wear them - despite calling them her 'smart specs' when she first got them because she felt she could think better with them on.

    Ian Jordan is indeed inspirational. A few simple tests and he knew the difficulties my daughter had - difficulties that hadn't been recognised or believed by hordes of professionals over the years. The look on her face when he demonstrated the lenses was priceless and I really felt they could be life-changing.

    Unfortunately she hates any attention being drawn to her and the lenses are unusual - she looks great in them but even compliments are attention. Unsupportive comments from her OT and psychiatrist about them didn't help either.
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