Autism and Aspergers
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constant mouthing

JanineJanine Member Posts: 11 Listener
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Hi I am working with a four year old little girl with lots of sensory issues and learning difficulties. She either has her hands constantly in her mouth biting on them or is chewing on anything she finds around. We have tried a chewelry bracelet with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions please. Thanks


  • lozangel38lozangel38 Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2014
    I work in special needs school we use chewy sticks for the children that attend to chew their hands more often. They are great for sensory and saves their clothes to
  • toasttoast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    edited September 2015
    my daughter is very much like this. We found that she was much better with the chewlery necklace than the bracelet - think because it was closer to her mouth all the time. I've also used dummy clips / mitten holders and those curly plastic wallet chains you can pick up in the pound shops to clip on the P's/ Q's / chewy tubes:

    Another thing I tried which worked well was to make a baby teether blanket into a bib. She likes both the plastic teether bits and the material - bit of chewy variety!

    I've realised I cannot really stop her mouthing things - that is her way of exploring and understanding objects around her. Developmentally, she is at the same stage of a baby who does this. However, as much as possible I encourage her to use objects appropriately and direct her chewing complusion elsewhere
  • EmmaEmma Member Posts: 88 Connected
    edited September 2015
    Hi Janine - have you had a look at our chewing section? There's some great suggestions there:
  • EmmaEmma Member Posts: 88 Connected
    also some good stuff coming in on our fb page:
  • JanineJanine Member Posts: 11 Listener
    Thanks very much for all your suggestions
  • KerryKerry Member Posts: 2
    My son puts everything in his mouth too! Have you tried exercise tubing? I was recommended theratube by an OT, this is expensive, my son much prefers the exercise tubing, you can buy it on ebay, but it does come in 15 metres length! At least you wont run out for a while! I got mine from physiosuppliesltd on ebay. There are also a few good USA sites on ebay that sell toys that dont seem to be available here, I usually type in sensory or autism & find loads of different "chewies".
  • No1CourierNo1Courier Member Posts: 1
    Hi we use chewigems for our 4 year old autistic son to stop him chewing his hands and clothes. Here is a link to there web site.
    Hope it helps
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