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How do you fight these professionals?

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    I will try and be positive, but, I am trying to fight a slt report. My daughter goes to special and mainstream school, She does was is expected of her in each school. the specail does not expect, so she does not give. Completely opposite in mainstream. the SLT will only report on the special school. I think this is to do with funding and they want to remove direct SLT from her statement. How do you fight these professionsls? She has seen her in mainstream and ignored everything she saw and heard.
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    Hi Kathryn , I hope you don't mind me butting in but I have a few questions. 1) Can you clarify whether you have one or two SLTs as it sounds like you have one at the special school and one at the mainstream school? 2) With the report that you are 'questionning' were there any formal language assessments used? Formal language assessments (such as the TROG, CELF-4, BPVS etc) allow us to view your daughter in comparison with her typically developing peers by providing us with a Percentile Rank (how she compares with a group of 100 peers of the same age range) and an Age Equivalent (what the equivalent age is for the score she obtains). 3) Has your daughter been recently assessed by a Cognitive or Educational Psychologist and if so does she have a cognitive profile? A cognitive profile (IQ scores etc) plus a communication profile allow us to see whether a child's language is inline with their learning; based on the understanding that thought powers language (the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis - sorry I'm a geek!). 4) What is your duaghter's current SLT provision on Part 3 of her statement? 5) How does your daughter's communication impairment impact on her ability to i) access the national curriculum and ii) build and maintain quality social relationships (i.e. what is her Quality of Life like?). Apologies for so many questions. Chris W, London Speech Therapy