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School journey for 5 year old

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Hi, would really appreciate anybodies comment on the idea that our LEA has had that our 5 year old with a diagnosis of severe learning difficulties and on the autistic spectrum would be able to cope with a 40/45 minute journey to a special school. I am sure long journey's are the norm for lots of children with special needs who attend special schools, can anyone tell me how their child copes.
I gather the school should do a morning sensory circuit to bring her back to life, does this work ? Thanks.


  • Heather
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    Hi Rose. Transport can be a real hit and miss experience. At such a tender age the LEA must ensure a safe and swift journey. We've had the good, the bad and the ugly. Some escorts are brill and taxi's have dvds and childrens music to entertain them. If your child gets stressed...complain and the school should back you up. If you get a good service, hopefully they do a home visit during the holidays? then phone and tell LEA you want them consistantly. Every child is different and you might be pleasantly surprised. I hope so! Good luck
  • Natasha Brown
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    how does she cope normally with travelling?

    what happens when you go on journey with erh e do you provide her with snacks; dvd player or ? whatever you usually do you can ask transport to do.

    my son loved the journey to/from school. om age of four as well .it has never been an issue at all.