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Hi, my name is Liz_Green72!

Liz_Green72Liz_Green72 Member Posts: 8
edited October 2016 in Welcomes and introductions
 B)  Hi Everyone, I'm Liz

I'm interested in Supernatural Sciences 
Criminology, music, watching TV & Cartoons.
I'm an Ex Internet DJ, who helps fellow anxiety / mental illness sufferers in an Internet Group.
And I'm also The OFFiCAL Chapter President of the Bill Zucker Fan Club UK. (Actor, musician & comedian - who died recently.)
I have 2 adult sons. The eldest has Aspergers Syndrome. And I used to enjoy gardening.

I've been described by my friends as Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary.

It's nice to meet you all,  I hope you'll say "Hi"  :)<3
>:)  Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary  o:)


  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    @Liz_Green72 hello how are you. So, you're a proud member of the Phil Zucker fan club?
  • Chris_AlumniChris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 695 Pioneering
    Hi Liz, welcome to the community, hope you find it a friendly and supportive place. You can get a good overview of the discussions taking place here over on the categories page.
  • Liz_Green72Liz_Green72 Member Posts: 8
     :) Thanks for the warm welcome <3
    I'm HUGE Bill Zucker Fan @bam
    Not just his aqy favourite songs to sing loudly (& out of tune) is "The Twitter Song". Even the video is awesome.
    He was a genuinely lovely, kind, talented man & good friend and I miss him terribly :'(  
    >:)  Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary  o:)
  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    @liz_green72 he's left a lot of recordings behind so you can enjoy him whenever you like. I'm sorry you miss him. Maybe someday you'll see him again because I'm sure there's a Phi Zucker fan club in heaven
  • Liz_Green72Liz_Green72 Member Posts: 8
    @bam  He's left a lot of Tweets too o:) I'm sure see him again one day 
    >:)  Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary  o:)
  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    @liz_green72 see, he'll always be here. He's a lucky man having such a loyal fan. LOL I don't think anybody will miss me too much when I'm gone
  • Liz_Green72Liz_Green72 Member Posts: 8
    @bam I don't think anyone misses me now  :D LoL
    And I haven't even gone yet.

    I have to admit when Bill said "You're the UK Chapter President of my fan club." I couldn't believe it. As I wasn't asked - I was Told ! :o
    And there were so many people he could have chosen instead of me.

    I think what hurts most about his passing, besides never getting to chat & discuss things with him.
    Is the fact that he was due to come to England and perform at The Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival. Around the time of my birthday. And I was to be his Personal Assistant :'(   

    >:)  Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary  o:)
  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    That would have been really cool. You know I don't think too many people would miss me either now or later too.
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