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Help with getting a diagnosis

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Iv been wanting to write for awhile but not really sure so ill start from the top and see if anyone can help me. 
We have adopted a little boy 16months old, he was prem and was 4lbs, his mother took drugs and had an infection when giving birth. Due to this he has delays, his main problem is weak core muscles. He wouldnt weight bare, but with physo he is now standing, crawling use to be pulling himself commando style with his arms as he wouldnt really register he had legs. But now he can crawl on his knees which is great progress and so chuffed with how he is progressing. Right from the start i was sure he had mild cp and im still thinking this is the case. He is floppy when carrying him he has delays in is fine and motor skills. Can still fall when sitting etc. When you take his socks off his feet curl in and he can not pick things up with is fingers he graps still. 
My instinct from day one is cp and i dont understand why they havent looked into this i think they have mentioned it in his reports but it hasnt gone any further as i think there putting it all down to the drugs. So i suppose im really asking should i except it was the drugs or should i ask them to look at cp even to rule it out. Its so hard to know what to do for his best interest as i want him to get the help he needs


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    Hi @karategirl and welcome to the community, congratulations on adopting your son! I think that it is important for parents and carers of disabled children to have a clear understanding of their illness or disability so they can be the best advocate for them.

    If you are unsure, perhaps it would be helpful to you to have further discussions with his doctors? Maybe you can write some notes and see your doctor and ask for advice?  I like to write down my notes/questions etc because I always forget once I am in the office! 

    Best of luck to you, do take a look in the Parents and Carers category where you can chat with others.
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