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Has anyone else had a blue badge refused?

pidwinch Member Posts: 1 Listener
2yrs come feb I had a accident where I ruptured the quad tendon in my r/leg which was repaired ,every now and then it  would give way, on 2 occasions they were serious falls.since then Ive had a reverse operation and now waiting physio. Why Ive to;d you this ,is cause I applied for a blue badge which was refused anybody else had this happen


  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,307 Pioneering
    Hi @pidwinch

    Welcome to the community, and sorry to hear that you had your blue badge refused. Just a few days ago @Georgina12 shared her story of being refused too.

    Did they say why it was refused and will you appeal?

    CAB has some great advice on appealing:
    Explain why the reasons listed on your letter are wrong, in as much detail as you can.

    Include any details you might have missed the first time. For example, if you have mobility problems, explain why using parking meters is painful or why it’s difficult for you to walk very far to get from your car to a shop.

    Include scans, copies or photographs of any evidence you have, for example:

    • a letter from your doctor, physiotherapist or another medical expert
    • proof of your address, such as energy or council tax bills - if your local authority don’t think you really live in the area
    • proof of your identity with your picture on it, such as a passport - if your council doesn’t believe you’re the person you say you are

    Good luck, and please let us know how you get on.