Speech and language
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I went to a speech and Language school

HarpHarp Member Posts: 76 Pioneering
edited February 2017 in Speech and language
I went to a speech & Language school for 8 years in the 80's where the disabled was still hidden away.  

Without the school, I won't be where I am now and hoping this might help others.

I was born with speech and language, balance and coordination problems. Also I have sight problems, Coloboma, Nystagmus, squint, and a lazy eye.

I went to local special school which did all kind of disability and use to goto a speech & Language clinic but it wasn't enough. It took my parents a long time to getting me in the speech and language school and I glad they did.

The school did wonders for my speech, but there are pro's and cons to special schools. 

Since I board there for 8 years, when i left and went back home to my parents, I got no friends locally, but the biggest issues was, that the school wrpapped us in cotton to keep us safe from the real world.  It was a shock to me when i was adjusting my life with the safe walls of the school, how mean the real world was.

The big issues was for many years, I did understand things but people didn't let me have my say or make my own diecisions for myself. I felt I was living in a bubble, and I felt there was something that might connected all my issues up, When i tried to expliain it to parents, it got rubbished

About 5 years ago, I came across Dyspraxia, and that when I started to understand my life and why things happened, 1 example of this was, When I was at the speech & language school, my gran died but I wasn't allowed to go to the funernal because my parents said that I don't understand.  Since I was upset and angry at the time, I could't get out to say I want to make sure my gran have a safe journey.  I had to llive with that pain in me all my life.

I have started to find out if I have Dyspraxia, thou many have told me it take a long time.

This is only brief look into my world, there is too much to put here, but i have started to write a book.

I have set up facebook pages, 1 Voice and 1 Voice jr, for those who have a communication issue or people who look after them to help each other out to show the world how to communicate to everyone.
Everyone has the right to have a say in what ever method they use


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