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Apprenticeships and welfare benefits

Hello, I am trying to find out how apprenticeships affect benefits for a disabled young person and their family. I understand that DLA will not be affected but unable to find confirmation of this. I alos beleive tax credits and housing benefit etc. will be affected but again I cannot find verification of this. Any information gratefully rceived, thank you.


  • Alex
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    Hi Suek,

    As DLA and PIP are not means tested, they shouldn't be affected by doing an apprenticeship, but doing the apprenticeship might be used as evidence when they move to PIP. Here's what the benefits advisor wrote this about benefits and work:

    PIP is not means-tested and you can work and receive PIP.  The nature of the work could lead the DWP to query whether you qualify for PIP, particularly if the activities involved in doing the job are at odds with the activities you have claimed difficulty a result of your illness or disability. A lot depends on how much work you do as well and if you have help or support to do the job so there are times when it's not clear cut. If you have any questions about this please post back on here. 

    You can read the discussion here

    As for other benefits - assuming they are around 16 - child tax credits stop unless they are in approved training/education - see the list here:

    Might be worth using the benefits checker to check how it might affect things (for example if the income affects housing benefits):

  • suek
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    Thanks Alex. Very helpful.  I now have another question. The young person involved has learning disabilities and autism and is unable to access education via the usual routes. If he does not enrol on an apprenticeship he will lose his EHC plan.  Does this make any difference at all? Thanks


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