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Hi, my name is Tobi!

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I am a 24 year old young women studying TV & New Broadcasting Media combined with Dance, I have Brittle Bones type 3 and I have a electric and manual wheelchair. I am also a care leaver and have been in care all my life. I have had lots of experience in entertainment from acting, singing, dancing and presenting. I also previously trained for the 2012 Paralympics!! 

<a rel="nofollow" I have lived on my own since I was 17 after being abandoned by Southwark Social Service, after being placed in 15 different foster homes. This means I have had to fight for most things in my life, to make myself a successful independent young women. I have never met a disabled person like me in my position and I hope nobody has to go through what I have been through! I am still learning about my rights and what I am initialled to from benefits to care package management. I NEED HELP AND ADVICE!! I hope in the future to do big things for the disabled community in many way like creating a TV network similar to BET or Christian TV networks, I want the next generation to see talented and educated disabled role models on TV day and night, from newscasters to talk show panels and for disabled people to get strong movie roles.